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Since 2005, Georgios has been working at the University of Westminster both for a degree in Business Computing as well as a job in assisting staff and students in use of IT resources. In 2009 he finished with his undergraduate studies in Business Computing and in 2010 continues with post-graduate studies in the field of Public Relations. Georgios has extensive experience in an academic environment. He obtained a Foundation Certificate in Computer Science (2006) and a Bachelor degree in BSc (Hons) Business Computing (2009) at Westminster University, this included a project where he created a business strategy and a marketing plan for his own on-line Fashion Retail Company “ANOMYMOUS Ltd”. For this project he carried out research in different European countries, analyze trends and culture differences in order to identify a profitable target audience and create a business and finance strategy. In addition during his studies he has worked within the University IT department where he work both individually and as part of a team to provide front line and baseline support to members of staff and students. He is a highly experienced with the use of computers in an academic setting and can relate easily to the different demands of students and the academic staff. He has extensive experience of both the PC and Mac platforms. He has successfully passed the E.C.D.L (European Computer Driving License) and all four E.C.D.L. Advanced courses including E.C.D.L. Expert level. Also he is a holder of Microsoft M.O.U.S. (Microsoft Office User Specialist) certificate. He is experienced in website design using advanced hand-coding and with authoring software such as Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage, HTML-kit and Adobe Flash. Since 2008 he started working for the Department of Education, Liaison & Development in the University of Westminster as a University Ambassador. This post helped him to develop teaching and transferable skills as his role was to give presentations and talk to students about academic life in higher education. His goals is to stimulate students still at school to think about their academic future and what do they want to do after school in a friendly but at the same time in an academic manner. Also a year later in 2009 Georgios join the Aimhigher Associates Government Scheme, were he has been allocated to a secondary school to run weakly session to year 10 students for a whole academic year in order to support students at key points in their education so that they will be able to progress to higher education equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed even at the most competitive HEIs. Georgios has worked extensively under pressure and matured in stressful and demanding environments. He is a hard worker with excellent communication skills and able to work together as a team as well as individually. Moreover he has a great aptitude for carrying out various tasks and assignments and meeting important deadlines. Currently, Georgios apart from the IT and teaching he is also working on different Fashion projects, such us, London Fashion Week, Press days and Fashion events. His post-graduate studies combine with his previous work experience in the fashion industry (working for a Fashion PR agency and a Fashion Magazine in London) helped him allot to become very professional and be able to undertake lots of responsibilities as well as use his IT skills. Pursue a career in Fashion will be Georgios ultimate goal! Georgios is very motivated and devoted individual. He arrived on his own in the UK at the age of 17 in order to study, so he learned quickly how to be independent, confident and adaptable to new surroundings. By working and studying at the same time he manages to demonstrate a strong work ethic and excellent time management and organisation skills.

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