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This week’s topic was Crisis Management which I found vey interesting and I learned allot, especially when we had the case study/role-play practice.

Crises can strike at any time, the most important thing is when crises happen, there needs to be a plan that ensures a positive, focused and effective response comes out. During a crisis there tends to be confusion, uncertainty and even fear, as everyone is bombing with questions and asking for instant answers, which in reality is very hard to correspond to them as the facts are not in your hands and needs some time to find out what happened, how it happened, what cause it and find a way to deal with it. So doing a full precise press announcement can be quite tough. However, some sort of statement needs to go out and inform the public of the situation, even if it is only a description in chronological order of what we know so far.

A crisis management plan generates order out of chaos. It needs strong leadership by well-trained and rehearsed individuals. Everyone within an organisation should know what his or her role is in a crisis and should be prepare to deal with one. 

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) suggests a number of benefits of an effective crisis management which are:

  1. Enhanced safety for staff and customers
  2. Compliance with regulatory and ethical requirements
  3. Effective management of major incidents
  4. Increased staff awareness of the organisation
  5. Increased confidence and morale within the organisation
  6. Protected and often enhanced reputation
  7. Reduced risk of litigation
  8. Levels of control and authority limits

Also proposes roles of the Crisis Management Team

The role of the Crisis Management Team (CMT) within a business is a straightforward management process. It should:

  1. Establish what has happened
  2. Assess the impact
  3. Resolve any conflicts of interest
  4. Identify and prioritise actions required
  5. Retain control

There are different ways and tactics that can be use in order to deal with a crisis, some of them that we discussed in the class was: make sure key spokesmen are media trained, centralise communications channels, keep communication channels open and reduce isolation.

One of the key points I have learned from this topic was that in order to perform crisis management, you need to be ready to take control and deal with the media as well as be friendly with them, which is very important to a company or organisation who has been hit with a crisis to look good and have a soft appeal to the circumstances rather than deal with it in a unfriendly manor.

In matter of crisis management and social media I found a very good video, which I believe that stress out a few positive and negative points of crisis management in relation to social media.

Crisis management and social media

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